Kim, Jun Pyo Solo Exhibition_Performing Destiny
(2018. 4. 5 –4. 16)

Breaking Buddha

Longing for lost innocence in a world tethered to reality, I started to make Buddha sculptures to flee from the greed and pollution in my mind One became two, two became four... then 3000.
Every Buddha that came out of the mold made me feel as if I was meeting him. Seeing Buddha's peaceful face emerge became an addiction.
3000 Buddha sculptures, 3000 Buddha sculpture portraits, 3000 Buddha video editing...
The number 3000 was a stop sign for me, but I knew that my greed had no fence.
Somehow my initial search for innocence had disappeared, and 3000 plaster sculptures filled with my own vanity followed me across the Pacific. This series reflects my hopes for utopia. I aim to break myself and wake up again.


After 10 years, I'm now ready to present the 3000 Buddhas.
Please feel free to touch, take pictures, or even throw them against the door. The choice is yours.
Through this interactive performance art I aim to challenge our concepts of value and social behavior towards art, and question the notion of free choice and its consequences.
I hope to reveal the purity hidden within us and re-evaluate the choices we make in our everyday lives; the things we wear, what we eat, and all the things we use.
The process has been both meditative and destructive Evolving through the experience is the reason I make art. I invite you to join me in this liberation.

Jun Pyo Kim