My Life Kwon, Si Sook
(2017. 9. 13 – 9. 19)

The first grasping attractiveness of Kwon’s artworks lies definitely in the unique colors. Seemingly dark and grim at the first encounter, profound gaze reveals their vibrant colors on the foundation. The result is due to efficient application of “Obang monochromatic colors (the five Korean traditional colors; blue, red, white, black, yellow)” and the In-between colors among Obang color palette. From the initial contemplation to the stage of finishing touches, the Obang colors are harmoniously tuned. The uniquely blithe rhythm that flows throughout the canvas is also created by Kwon’s magical blend of colors. Just as a potter unites water and fire in mud for the two bipolar elements to coexist, Kwon Si Sook creates a new life through balancing light and darkness.

The color flow in artworks is created by the color pigments. They look soft at the first glance, but the surface of the canvas is rough and solid as rocks. A large amount of ground stone is used with powdered paint. Thus created is the “colored stone powder”, which has always been considered valuable due to its durability and non-discoloration. Such precious colored stone powder is used generously in Kwon’s artworks. This coloring ingredient is extremely challenging to mix or paint with, but through multiple and untiring experiments, the artist has gained skill proficient enough to freely generate various desired colors.

Yoon-Sub Kim, Ph. D
(Chief of the Korean Arts Management Institute, Doctorate in Art History)