Non-existent Symbols Lee TaeRyang
(2017. 6. 14 – 7. 11)

Gallery Grimson is going to exhibit invited project with new works from Lee, TaeRyang; Propositional Form, Liberated Landscape. For this special project, we are going to exhibit 9m long Propositional Form painting. This exhibition is going to be on for three weeks and planning to show the variety of Korean modern art that is hard to find. Also, during the exhibition, the artist is going to perform drawing and painting. The artist is not only stopping from the Propositional Form but recreated Asian landscape with abstract aspects and going to be presenting various objects.

‘One artist’s work is abstract painting and the other is landscape painting; the two can be linked in that both abstract painting and landscape painting rely on this concept. In addition, some formative elements, including letters, give the sense of continuity to both series. The ‘Propositional Form’, a somewhat stark philosophical title, and a form of landscape painting that follows much of the framework of the first show, make the audience think that his work may be a game that follows rigid rules such as checkers and chess. Even if art has rules, it does not necessarily signify the reduction to rules. Unlike the laws of nature, rules are made by men and thus can be altered. An exception also occurs within the complementary relationships with rules. In the list of the artist’s many heterogeneous projects, including installation works, what rules or exceptions can we find?. ‘

Lee Sun Young (Art critic)