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Not at All Jung, Yeon Yeon
(2017. 4. 12 – 4. 25)

In Yeonyeon Jung’s paintings can be an obstacle to “calm appreciation” and “easy deciphering,” there is no denying that her works are rich grids of questions about the theater known as the “real world,” essential elements of life that are sacrificed by our indifference, scenes of life in moments that are lived both consciously and unconsciously, musings on the meaning of the relationship between the society and its members, and true values human societies should pursue. Further, as was the case with her previous works, the Noblesse Oblige series clearly articulates the philosophy and visual methodology of this artist. Finally, if there is one fundamental and recurrent question that pervades Yeonyeon Jung’s entire body of work, it is undoubtedly about the role of art and artists in an essentially tragic world.