Regarding the Construction of the Ambiguous Form
I express in various angles, on a plane as well as in space, the images that were mixed by maximizing the unique images of various forms, phenomena, and thoughts that exist in the life of a human. Although most of these forms have the image and shape of objects in existence, when viewed in detail, there are many images that are ambiguous and without definite form. This represents questions of this age thrown at the preexisting thoughts and definitions, as well as expressions based on the on-going value systems that are unable to define everything clearly.

The GLASS FLOWER series consists of images of flowers and persons that express the binary concepts that exist in reality by generally accumulating the flower pedals that are the subject matter of paintings of various literary artists. The AMBIGUITY series is a process of constructing another Ambiguousform apart from the human body based on the intuitive principle of compounding after collecting various forms by sectionalizing the minute details of the human body. The forms seen in these two processes have various images including flowers, people, still life, as well as signs. However, if the different parts of each process are observed in detail, they are full of other images unrelated to these forms. Ultimately, instead of explaining the human features by describing the different parts of the human body, it is about understanding the principle of existence composed of numerous particles and attaining another image through the forms of flowers and the human body. All images end up with unfamiliar, ambiguous forms during this process.

This is an approach towards the vague value held by this age, as well as a process of turning the value concept of the age into a visual image. Preexisting values are changing in their meaning in the same era throughout the endless flow of time, and a great amount of change and transition is expected in the future. The confusing images that I draw are rooted upon the variable, unstipulated value systems, as well as a firm belief of another possibility of the same era that cannot be defined. Just as the fragments of the small human body accumulating and accomplishing the form of a large panorama, the viable properties of matter in my work embody a whole image in search of another unexpected form and meaning through the analytical process of dissolution and combination.

19 May 2008 KWON, KIBEOM (6th Youngeun 2008 Residency - The Time of the Transference)