appearance & reality
Whenever you meet a new person, you get the first impression from him or her. But once you get to know him or her, you will experiencethat your first impression wasn't quite right. If you glance at the paintings in appearance, you will think them as colorful gesture paintings. But in reality, their works were made on the color strategy and the delicate technique with a great intensity. You will meet 4 artists who have a diverse background in this exhibition ; Andre Hemer from New Zealand, So-ah Yim who has been living and working in Germany, Chanmin J대ung who lived in New York over 10 years, Ki-un Yoon who has been working in Seoul based on oriental painting. Although they are very different, their ways of approaching the paintings have a common. They all hold fashionable color tones that reinforce the optimism and visual simplicity. With close looking into their paintings, you will recognize that they are materially simple, but their delicate devices and contextual messages are far more complex bringing unexpected joy to the viewers.
In appearance & reality, I expect that you experience that there is something screened once you take a time.

André Hemer
My painting does not seek to promote a specific discourse, but rather remain accessible for a more open discussion to take place. The visual devices are derived from the idea of ‘drawing paint’. Paint acts as a figurative element- tumbling, falling, stacked, and heaped within the landscape created by the object of the linen-covered stretcher. Humour and light heartedness are central to my painting practice.
The paintings use a restricted colour palette which acts as a constant constraint in my practice. Fashionable pastel tones sit amongst bright industrial colours, creating a palette that reinforces the optimistic and naïve visual façade of the work.
Painting is a materially simple, but it’s historical lineage and contextual basis is far more complex. Painting holds an openness which is found in the simplicity and recognisability of its production.

Yim, So-ah
Conflict and limitation in everyday lives of the human environment - The artist expressed emotions of people who pursue the spiritual world, in pure geometrical shapes through "what cannot be seen", rather than "what can be seen". (Geometrical or metaphysical elements exist in the reality space just like the lives of human beings.) Such emotions lie within the nature, lives of human beings and their space, just like the actual human environment. Vertical and horizontal lines and squares were used to express pure emotions in geometrical shapes and colors, excluding emotions and association.

Jeoung , Chan-min
My paintings are consists of layers of lines. When I create the brush lines, I begin with random, unplanned starting points. Yet, lines have been controlled by my esthetic value since (as soon as) they depart their starting points. I also take the responsibility for the unsatisfactory; the unsuccessful lines derived from unconsciously started brush lines. All the lines (whether they satisfy my esthetic sense or not) are contained in my art work.
My painting includes the process of making my art work.
My life is the process of the accomplishment.
The beginnings are the chances.
The results are up to me. Myself. Inevasible…

Yoon Ki-un
- The Picture Puzzle -
Yoon Ki-un’s work consists of the gathering of tiny dots(or shape). Dots gather and form a line and these intricately entangled lines form various shapes. Stepping one step closer, another face is found among the small dots and, moving away from the canvas, an unknown shape appears. The artist and the viewer play hide-and-seek, exploring each hidden meaning in his work. The artist wants to share the pleasure of new discoveries in daily life. He intends to show that there are actually no distinctions between micro and macro worlds, beauty and ugliness, and right and wrong.