Gallery Grimson cordially invites you to “Echoes in Place”, its first solo exhibition of Shoji Kato in Seoul.
In this exhibition, Kato’s photo installation, River project, which is worked on for the past 2 months while staying in National Art Studio, Goyang as an exchange program artist between Finnish and Korean institutions. Also his painting works will be on display, which deal with logic and intuition reflecting space and environment with his unique sensitivity.
Shoji Kato is currently living and working in Finland as a doctoral candidate.

Shoji Kato text for the exhibition
At Amsadong archeological site, Shoji Kato said that he could imagine the life that has been continuing along the Han River from the Neolithic time to this day. Now Seoul is a mega city with over 10 millions, that is one fifth of the whole national population and is filled with symbolism that speaks a great deal of the everyday life, history, influences, beliefs and dreams.
The symbols on the street are, to Kato, “echoes” of life that appeared through the history of mankind in this place. Echo in general is something subtle but a powerful phenomenon that tells us where we are and how our surroundings are situated. The idiom “in place” for the title of the show was chosen because it not only means something is “in position”, but also “be arranged” and “in order”.
How do echoes become to be in this place? Kato’s approaches in the two dimensional images and the installation are responses to the question, and to ponder upon this question, he proposed to pay close attentions to the subtle part of the mind. And this exhibition as a whole is an attempt to imagine the process of shaping interaction.
The paintings are all in abstraction but based on actual mirroring and evolving process. They are his personal and introspective approaches to the concept of interrelationships, which he also deals more literally in the installation work, River; Place and Symbols, which contemplates on the process as a view from the Han River.