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[Gallery Grimson & Crossing Art] Kim Jong Sook Solo Exhibition


Artist           Jong-Sook Kim

Date            2021. 9. 9 (THU) - 10. 8 (FRI)

Opening      2021. 9. 9. 7:00 - 9:00PM

Venue          Crossing Art  559 W. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

We are pleased presents Korean artist Jong-Sook Kim’s solo exhibition from September 9th through October 10th.

Jong-Sook Kim created “Artificial Landscape” series reinterpreted Korean traditional landscape through Swarovski crystal since 2005. With Swarovski, which is a modern material, pearl, and opal, her work evokes “eternity” representing Korean traditional picture plane. This Exhibition in New York is a project with Gallery Grimson in Seoul.

In this exhibition, various series of Jong-sook Kim will be presented. From the landscape with crystal, which is created in her early years, to “White Material” series created present with pearl and opal, those ranges of collection provide various form of landscape for the viewers in New York. Swarovski as a material of art becomes a landscape by the artist’s hands. Viewers may enjoy the parade of lights from the glittering crystals affected by the movements, the scale of humongous landscape and pictorial aspect, showing representation and abstraction at the same time. Crystals act as paints in her work, representing changeable emotions and images in Korean landscape.

Jong sook Kim is graduated from B.F.A., M.F.A., and PH.D. Honk-ik University in painting major works and lives in Korea. She has over 30 solo exhibitions in Seoul, San Diego, and Geneva, including group exhibitions in New York and Asia. Jong Sook Kim receives sponsorship from headquarters of Swarovski in Austria, and New York Times has introduced her work for Asia Week New York in 2017. Many hotels in Beijing, Hong Kong, New York collects her work, especially Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office owns giant size of them about 4.5m x 4m. As Chinese art market paid attention to her career, she attended Art Xiamen and will participate in the West Bund Art & Design Fair Shanghai 2021 Art Miami.

In this exhibition, the luminous landscape evokes its artistic elements through materials of Swarovski, pearl, and opal. We hope the viewers may enjoy how the mystery outcome of oriental landscape, glittering lights of crystal, would show an absolute beauty.

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