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Here & Now

Minhee Kang, Jaehyeon Kim, Jungin Lee 

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강민희, 김재현, 이정인 

2019. 02. 08 - 02. 20

갤러리그림손은 미술 대학 졸업생들이 창작활동에 매진하고 작가성 배양과 독창성을 지키는데 도움이 되고자 신진작가 단체전을 매년 진행해왔다. 2009년부터 시작된 전시는 연령, 성별, 지역, 장르를 구별하지 않고 작가들을 소개 해왔다. 이번 전시에서는 강민희, 김재현, 이정인 작가의 평면, 입체, 설치 작품이 전시 된다. 3명의 작가들은 각기 다른 예술관과 시각을 가지고 현대 사회를 반영하는 작업을 선보인다.

Minhee Kang

My physical manipulation of materials doubles as a figurative process of leaving imprints of emotions, thoughts and memories.  Embodied in the metaphoric adoption of the elements of creation, destruction and transformation is a manifesto of emotion and conception. The destructive process such as scorching, scratching, and heating materials to their melting point reflects fragility, subjectivity and vulnerability of the mind. The constructive process of weaving, sewing, and tying materials into a whole, on the other hand alludes to the possibility of reinstatement.

Jaehyeon Kim

My work comes from nature. There are many things to draw and feel. It's always changing and refreshing. There is an urge to reproduce the visual variety and naturalness of nature on canvas by seeing the difference between what we see in the forest and what we see outside the forest, and the harmony of the trees shining according to the circumstances at that time. Even if nature is described as a traditional landscape, the reenactment of emotional emotion is a reproduction of color and appearance. He changed his approach to painting through various attempts, refraining from conventional expressions such as perspective and perspective, and revealed simple but complex forest and natural impressions on canvas through irregular brush strokes and many overlaps. Rather than reproduce nature with precision We tried to express our emotions in the most conversational terms possible,

Jung-in Lee

An afterimage is a type of aftersensation where a sensation continues even after stimulation has ceased—it is a phenomenon where a certain type of stimulation lingers even after the stimulation from light ceases, resulting in photochemical activity in the visual system temporarily continuing. The artist’s work begins from the experience of having an afterimage. We may rub or close our eyes in an attempt to get rid of an afterimage that persists in front of our eyes, but it lasts for a period of time. Often, certain images haunt us and block our vision, whether our eyes are open or closed, and the various sensations from the lack of clear vision feel as though they were trapped in time, remaining isolated and still amidst the flow of time. Looking back on this experience, the artist thinks of moments when she realizes that she may be trapped in a particular period in time due to certain thoughts and feelings she has always had. In other words, the artist recreates the moment where an afterimage incessantly blurs the vision into images that are jumbled together, instead of existing individually, and invites the audience to step back and appreciate the image.